Get Your Own .Bartender Domain

Show your authority to your customers and fellow bartenders!

.Bartender Extension

The .bartender extension is still not on the public domain - but you can be an early adopter and get your name reserved!


This is an extension on the new TLD system called “Handshake” (HNS, Handshake Name System) instead of the traditional DNS (Domain Name System) and has not yet become compatible on Chrome and other browsers (YET)

But just like the “original” .com names - many people didn’t bother registering them in the mid 1990s because they also were not widespread and used.

So get ahead of the curve and “lock in” your very own .bartender domain name.

Lock in now

Currently in Beta

As this is still not yet released “to the wild” we want to have people apply for the beta.

Let us know a bit about who you are and what you are planning to use this name for.


More than just a place for your website!

The really exciting thing about the .bartender is - it isn’t just for you to put your website - it is your “online identity” for the blockchain.

This means you can get your bitcoin and other cryptocurrency tips sent to your .bartender domain.

Let’s give an example

Meet Shawn Soole


He’s a bartender that is the definition of who a bartender should be, kind, knowledgeable, approachable. He has Shawn.bartender and is going about his evening bartending shift.

"Here's a generous tip for you"

One of his customers at the bar wants to send him a tip - but not in cash - in crypto! Cool! Wait, huh - how to give him my BTC address in this loud and insane bar on a Friday night.

“Shoot it over to shawn.bartender”

The customer sets it up and the 50usd in BTC is delivered to Shawn via shawn.bartender. No need for long BTC addresses, or QC code scanning - just verbally say “shawn.bartender” and it is done.


The ultimate tip jar for the ultimate bartender.

I'm Ready To Get Started

Get Onboard

So Get Onboard this New Way of Bartendering with your very own .bartender domain today. We are just as excited as you are - and in this beta phase we would love to get to know people who are interested in this new way of showing off their bartender skills - from a personal website to a way to receive their crypto-tips!

The Sky is the Limit

Apply for the closed beta today by completing the form linked below.

Drop us a note and let us know you're coming, we'll be happy to reserve a table for you.
apply for the .bartender beta